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An interactive and fun workshop or conference to understand:

  1. The MAIN issues linked to climate change
  2. The individual and collective means of ACTION

NO FAKE NEWS ! The content of this workshop/conference is based on the IPCC report, recognized by the global scientific community (basis of the Paris Agreements / COP21, 2015).

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Climate Pitch: What is it?


Why a Climate Pitch?

The Climate Pitch has been designed to enable as many people as possible to:

  • QUICKLY and SIMPLY understand the key messages related to climate change
  • Respond POSITIVELY...
  • … by motivating to ENGAGE on a personal, professional and collective level.

It is a great vehicle for companies wishing to deploy climate awareness internally and engage their employees in a non-guilty manner towards an ecological transition. Available as a group session (12 people) or as a conference (20+ up to 500+ participants), online or in-person.

Who is it for?

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  • For people who want to act but don't know where to start.
  • For people who are worried.
  • For people who are interested.
  • For people who feel overwhelmed.
  • For people who have little time.
  • To companies / HR / CSR / Sustainability departments deploying an internal awareness program on topics related to ecological transition.

How does a workshop/conference run?

The participants are guided through a path of interlinked visuals & explanations and are stimulated by different questions and exercises. Each session lasts between 60mn & 90mn and can be deployed to host more than 1000 people (as per request). Split in the 3 following phases – using the interactive platform MURAL:

  1. Intro and Warm-up

    galery of various people Meet the other participants and discover the principle of the workshop.

  2. Explanations and Quiz

    the Climat Pitch Follow the facilitator and explore the causes and consequences of climate change in an interactive and fun way.

  3. Debrief and Taking action

    many post it.png Discuss with the other participants on the avenues of action.

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Professional participants are accepted but at the rate of one representative per company.

If you would like to discuss a Climate Pitch workshop for your company, please contact us directly.

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  • Climate Pitch Conference 60mn - Public Session / Free
    Please Join Laure & Sandra to discover the conference!
    05/10 - 8am to 9am UK time

Professional participants are accepted but at the rate of one representative per company.

If you would like to discuss a Climate Pitch workshop for your company, please contact us directly.

What our customers and our participants say

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« 1 hour chrono accessible to all to awaken consciousness, open your chakras to the climate emergency!" Pedagogy and collective strength in the service of the preservation of the planet in order to then take action. »

Agnès Chapelain, Environmental Performance Program Manager, SNCF Planète Voyages

« The Climate Pitch is a very useful tool to raise awareness around climate change as it allows in a short and interactive way to reach several hundreds of people at the same time while stimulating them to act. It is a very good complement to the Climate Fresk. Sandra and Frederic have conceived a pedagogical platform and workshop which combines both vulgarisation and interaction. »

Agathe Ruckebusch, CSR strategic direction at Leroy Merlin

Companies that got involved

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And many others!

Take action

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Frequently Asked Questions

Find answers to the most frequently asked questions in our FAQ.

If you want to discuss running our online workshop for your company, please do not hesitate to contact us directly.

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Frédéric Aubert

Frédéric Aubert

Founder Projet Candide

After having been in contact for more than 10 years with companies of all types as Associate Director of an event agency specializing in corporate Team Building, I am passionate about the subject of climate change and founded my consulting company. I am a facilitator and trainer of the Climate Collage as well as a member of the Shifters.

With a commercial background, I am convinced that the ecological transition is a deeply human subject: it requires both knowledge and motivation.

Sandra Sydow

Sandra Sydow


International leader in communication for +20 years, I decided in 2019 to put my skills to the benefit of positive impact missions. After completing the Business Sustainability Management certificate from the University of Cambridge, I took over the management of a community of 1.7K + members communicating on the Sustainable Development Goals (THE SDG NETWORK) and created my consulting company supporting businesses in the implementation of their ecological actions and transition.

Optimistic by nature, I am convinced that positive inspiration plays a crucial role in achieving an ecological transition of our society.